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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Teaser Tuesd- Whoops, Teaser Sunday

Hey all,
Since I've got nothing to post, and I'm not gonna leave you guys hanging, I'm going to give you a little teaser from Eberheardt. I'm planning on writing a nice, long, post on what it is, but for now, here's how the prologue of Eberheardt starts.

People screamed, clinging to their loved ones as they tried to escape. Men laughed as they ran through the streets carrying torches and swords, slaying all who rose up against them. A young boy-he couldn’t be any older than sixteen-was hidden on a hill, watching it all happen. He was wrapped in a traveling cloak, formerly colored royal shades of red and gold, but now tattered, muddied, and devoid of its former splendor. The hood covered short black hair, startling green eyes looking out from beneath it.
The boy watched in horror as the capitol city burned. He ducked low into the bush he was hiding in as soldiers rushed passed. The boy fought the desire to throw his dagger at the man and kill one of the murderers. But he could not afford to reveal himself, or lose his weapon, at such a time.
The boy’s grandparents were elderly and had been oblivious to the uprising. They had been unable to quell the rebels, and now all that the boy could do was watch in horror as the castle-and his life-burned.
The sun rose behind what was left of the beautiful palace. Mere hours ago, the boy had been celebrating the summer festival with his family. He had been laughing with a friend of his, a nobleman’s son, and they had been courting the many governors’ daughters of the land. Of course, what fair maiden would deny the wishes of a prince? That sunrise, the boy’s grandparents were planning to pass on the crown to his father and mother, making him crown prince.
But alas, at midnight these marauders had attacked the castle. And word had come from many a breathless messenger that the same was happening through the vast kingdom, and even a boat sailed up the Fortuin River bringing news from Lors, the island of Eberheardt. The country was under siege, and the soldiers, drunk from the evening’s festivities, were incapable of retaliation.
The attack had been planned brilliantly, with no flaws in the plan. Except one; the boy had managed to flee from his burning home, dodging hostile enemies, and find solace on this hill.

So, tell me, what do you think? Is this something you' like to read more of? Do you think it's written too formally? (If you do, don't worry, that's not the way the whole book is written, only the prologue.) I want to hear your opinion on my work!


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