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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Casting Your Characters Tuesday-New Meme?

Hello my Bloggy Buds,
I was taking a stroll over at Spunk On a Stick today, and I saw a post on who Spunk would cast, in a movie, to portray their book characters. Spunk originally got if from the Alliterative Allomorph. I actually saw AA's post, but forgot about it. Spunk jogged my memory.

So, I had an idea for a new Meme. Every Tuesday, you cast one of your characters. How do you have enough? You start with the main character, then go to the main side character, and work your way down from main character-est to smallest and least important character. Get it?
So, what do you think of this new Meme? Should I start it? Does it already exist? Good idea, but bad? Let me hear it!


  1. It sounds like fun, and is a good idea. But I've already had some people who saw my video trailers complain that they didn't want to see my characters before they read the book, because that would ruin it. Rather like when you see a movie before you read the book.

    So, I don't want to tell you I'd cast a younger Jeremy Irons at Twig. ;) In my video he was a young 10-year-old boy, but in my brain while I'm writing, I think of someone with the look and style of Jeremy Irons back in Peter Pan. OK, so I know he's grown up now and wouldn't fit the bill. But if I could go back in time...

    Oh, did I HAVE to start with my main character? I don't know who I'd use as Alley. The girl I got in my videos looks "a little bit" like Alley, but not really. I only used her for this part because she had the range of facial expression I needed for Alley.

  2. Wow, so I just went to Spunk-on-a-stick and discovered it didn't need to be a real actor/actress. I guess I'd use the kids I used in my videos then! ;)

  3. I like it! This would be less overwhelming than trying to cast all the characters at once (which would take me FOREVER as I am slightly on the nit-picky side). One at a time, however, would be great! ^_^


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